me, myself, & i

normabeez (aka: idp05):

me, myself, and i

1.chick with big black camera. (this does not mean i’m a terrorist or nasty lecher btw)

2. a small freelance photography gig.

3. place to buy some nifty photographs. (if i ever get around to setting up a shopping cart… cross your fingers) meanwhile you can go here

who am i?
i’ve been into photography for a little while – about 9-10 years now with a real SLR. prior to the SLR, (around 2002-2003) i was shooting stuff with a little 35mm minolta and a kodak digital brick also known as a point and shoot.

today i shoot with a nikon d300, nikon d80, a sony dsc-t77, and my iphone.

i’ve taken no classes for photography. i’m self taught completely through trial and lots of errors. i’ve read books, surfed the interwebs, read tutorials, and just experimented.

am i for hire for smaller gigs? sure. i shoot documentaries, cars, food, people, kids, animals, artwork, zombies, blah blah blah… i’m running out of fresh subjects, so contact me and let me know what your project/idea is and we’ll work something out.

do i shoot weddings?

depends. is it a cool, small, untraditional, fun wedding in an unusual place for your gig?
then yes.
are there walking zombies hanging out as the bride or groom or bridesmaids and groomsmen?
then abso-freckin-lutley.
is it 100+ people, traditional, stuck in a stuffy church, and take all freckin day?
then no.

what do i charge for weddings?


why a million bucks? because anyone that photographed a wedding knows how crazy and hectic and stressful it can be. i dont like stress. call me a jerk if you want, but if i had to shoot a wedding, then that gig better be something extremely unique.

the $1,000,000 price is negotiable only if the wedding’s criteria meets 2 of the 4 below requirements:

* max party size of 20-30 people
* takes place in a tropical environment near the equator
* a fully decked out Elvis with pork chops must conduct ceremony or be present
* there are ZOMBIES present

if you’re looking for a good traditional photographer – feel free to ask. i know some great photographers i could kick you to. if you insist on me though, take a look here for sample work.

do i license images for commercial stuff?
uh-huh. (that would be a yes)
if you’re interested in using something i have, feel free to ask.


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  5. model mayhem – 93450

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