project 365ish -187/365

this evening we celebrated my niece’s birthday at chuck-e-cheese. of course that gave me a legit excuse to go play some skeeball!!! this game is as bad as a crack addiction.

best parts of playing skeeball as a grownup?
1. accuracy is greatly improved. as a grownup, you have better coordination. better coordination = better scores. better scores = more tickets.
2. it’s still just as fun playing it as an adult as it was as a kid. good, mindless fun.

worst parts about playing as a grownup?
two things:
1. as an adult, money is no thing. I can afford to buy tons of coins to keep playing. I’m not restricted to just $5 as a kid trying to make that loot stretch across all games. I can keep walking over to the coin machine and keep buying more…
2. my back is killing me. I guess my body can no longer handle 50+ games of skeeball. it’s a horrible reminder of getting old.

what hasn’t changed? the tickets you win still doesn’t get you CRAP at the prize counter unless you have a million of them lol.



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