Brad Pitt saves the world, aka: World War Z


a movie I’ve been dying to watch (no pun intended) has left me feeling indifferent. this review comes late, but for folks who haven’t seen it yet – well, here’s my take…


yes, I read the book.
no, I had no expectations that it would follow the book. at all.
by now, most folks have probably gotten out to the theaters and seen this movie.

i had hoped that it would at least follow something/anything related to the book since it did state at the beginning that it was “based on a novel by Max Brooks”. i saw nothing related to the book. the movie takes place at the beginning of the outbreak, the book covers it after the war. the book covers many people’s encounters and experiences. the movie covers Brad Pitt.

how was it? for a “zombie” flick, it was alright. but the focus is not on the zombies, at least in my opinion. the focus was more the science behind it, the disease, the virus itself. this is straight virus spreading from host to host.

given that it was PG-13, there was hardly any blood. there’s no zombies eating like you see in Walking Dead or Shawn of the Dead. that was rather disappointing. what you did see was Brad Pitt and anyone with him running away from the hoards.


20130625-230518.jpgyou don’t really get many close up views of the zombies either. again, i think this is because the focus was not on the scary zombies, it was on what infected them.

the solution was actually a plausible scenario, so i can’t fault them on that part of the storyline.

entertaining, sure. worth the trip to the theater, ehhh… not really.
matinee showing – yes, if cheap enough.
redbox – yes.
netflix – yes.

when asked to give a quick summary of the movie, i say:

28 Days Later + Contagion + Brad Pitt saving the world = WWZ


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