project 365ish – 124-135/365

so the last couple of weeks have been excruciatingly busy for me. i’ve managed to maintain taking pictures, but haven’t had the time to post. so here’s whats been missing…

20130520-214009.jpg family is good.

20130520-214056.jpg chocolate awesomeness!

20130520-214155.jpg got to meet the Regal Miss Roxy!

20130520-214327.jpg Frank doing his typical cheezburger inspection.

20130520-214529.jpg beautiful clouds.

20130520-214600.jpg the boss man’s birthday. of course it was pink. 🙂

20130520-214640.jpg drinks with the boys after work.

20130520-214810.jpg Udvar Hazy Museum field trip!

20130520-214904.jpg Taco Bell run. Collect ALL TWO! lmfao…

20130520-214940.jpg fresh rain on pretty irises… love them.

20130520-215024.jpg Star Trek was AWESOME.

20130520-215207.jpg nothing like the smell of honeysuckles. its one of my favorite scents of the summer!


One thought on “project 365ish – 124-135/365

  1. That’s why I love your pics. They’re so retro-looking. I love the muted colors and industrial feel to them. Regal Miss Roxy looks incredible with the look you choose for your photos, as does the Udvar Hazy Museum field trip. Beautiful pics, really. Keep on sharing!

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