the zombie debates

I’ve been told by friends that I spend too much time thinking about the zombie apocalypse. they say I’ve thought way too much into the whole zombie thing and they’re talking about setting up an intervention for me and my “obsession” with zombies.

I’d like to clarify something from the get go. I can’t help but think there will be some kind of apocalyptic event that will happen. government financial collapse, asteroid crashing into earth, WWIII, solar flares, blah blah blah. tons of scenarios that could devastate or wipe the human race out.

so being a zombie fan, I just HOPE this apocalyptic event I think is coming will be zombie related. do I think the dead will rise to feast on my brains? not really. but if there IS some kind of apocalypse, I just hope it’s one that involves zombies. whether this happens in my lifetime is another question I can’t answer, but I’d like to think I’m mentally prepared for whatever comes.

really, I like to explore and debate the possibilities of what zombies could be capable of. I can discuss this subject at length with only a few people without being thought of as crazy. so I decided to bring these topics to the web and get some likeminded folks to provide as many opinions about it as I can.

so i decided i will be posting different questions that I’ve found myself debating about regarding all things zombie. in each of my Zombie Debates I will try to specify what type of zombie we would be dealing with as that will impact potential answers.

before going any further – I’d like to reiterate that this series of debates and my point of views are just that, my point of view. I’ll be the first to admit I can be wrong. but then again, no one can be absolute with their arguments as there are no zombies to back arguments. its ALL speculation. so take my opinionated posts with a grain of salt and enjoy the subject and discussions. 🙂

obviously the first question will begin with my interpretation of what a zombie is and isn’t.

so my next post in the Zombie Debates will be:

what is the definition of a zombie?


2 thoughts on “the zombie debates

  1. Oh, this is gonna be good. Firstly, welcome to the zombie clan. I don’t know if it’ll make you feel better, but some of us do think about zombies a lot. Apocalypse goes hand-in-hand with zombies, so I’m safe in saying that if an apocalypse does happen, you’ll have a bunch of things walking around wondering what happened, pretty much catatonic due to shock. And yeah, that’s my opinion, which people should never, ever take seriously. Oh, and it’s great you mentioned that it’s your opinion in the post. When I write about zombies, I’m doing it for fun. Anyway, I digress…

    Zombies. I’m a true-blue, old-style zombie believer. I think zombies rise from the dead, eat human flesh and die with a blow to the head. That’s it. I like the virus idea or the “external forces” idea too. I like the old-style zombies better. Personal preference, I suppose.

    Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. Great post, btw!

    • Jack, thank you for the kind comments. Not sure how good this will actually be but I guess we’ll see!

      I love the traditional old school version of living dead zombies, but I suspect that if we ever end up seeing something zombie like, it will be in a form of virus infected zombies. No reanimated dead bodies coming back to life, just death of the brain and its sophisticated functions.

      thanks for commenting 🙂

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