katsucon 2013

better late than never – thats been my motto for like, ever.  i’m the queen of procrastination. what can i say?  so when i present these pics i snapped at Katsucon that happened over a month ago – well, better late than never.

this by far is not my best work, but i mainly went to go and take pics just to take pics.  maybe if i was in the mood for more dedicated efforts, then i’d have way more rad images.  but i’ve been lazy with my photos lately – are you surprised?

so here’s the whole mess of all the colorful, awesome, beautiful, and not so beautiful, funny, and super serious characters that came out to make an appearance.

(personally, my favorites were the Kyoshi Warriors from The Last Airbender!  these two went ALL OUT and did a fantastic job with their costume!)


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