project 365ish – update notes

so i’m about 60ish images deep or so into project 365ish. it’s been a challenge and admit it’s been difficult to make time to post each image. however i’m happy to admit i have yet to cheat. i’ve been honest with myself about taking a picture everyday with my iPhone. it’s a little victory for me to have accomplished making it this far.

i know it sounds frivolous – what’s so hard about taking a photo everyday? but i guess i wanted to make it a little more substantial. the idea was not just taking a snapshot but capturing something that at least makes me recall a small moment in my life. something that made me smile, laugh, squeel with cuteness, made me happy, or just something that i didn’t want to forget. maybe best explained as a simple photographic documentary of my life.

during this project, i’ve gained a handful of new followers. some just follow in the hopes of gaining a new follower. that’s fine, but not my cup of tea. seems kinda silly to me to have a bunch of people following you if they don’t care about what you have to say.

then there’s folks who actually have interest in following certain people. so in all honesty i’m amazed that there are folks that have even a slight interest in what I post, mention follow me to see what else I have to say or share.

with that said, i’d like to thank each of you that do follow (and actually look at my posts instead of looking for another follower) for allowing my thoughts, pictures, or politically incorrect bad jokes to fit in your schedule. thank you!!!


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