florida gambling is a joke

observation of the day:

florida disappoints me with their lack of real table games. no roulette or craps tables??? illegal??

if I’m suppose to retire here, they better get some real games into these casinos. what a let down. :/


3 thoughts on “florida gambling is a joke

  1. I’ve never been to the Florida casinos but I’m going to go out on a limb here, do they have lots of slot machines? If they do, then I’m also assuming whoever’s in charge is tailoring the casino floor for the retired. I remember going to a casino in the Bahamas and I’ll never forget seeing all these retired folk at the slots with their buckets and glazed looks on their faces. I could tell they were there all night.

    • they have a TON of slot machines! Jack, sadly I found out that roulette and craps are illegal in the state of FL. however they did have electronic versions of the games – which really made no sense to me. if old people play the electronic version of these games, then why not accommodate with live table games?? it seems like more of a shake down than normal casinos!

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