zombie apocalypse – a scarier take

so early November I was sitting at the airport killing time. I sifted through my typical search for zombies on iBooks. I came across the zombie chronicles; outbreak and began reading the sample. instantly I was hooked and purchased the book.

the zombie chronicles; outbreak 

written by Mark Clodi & Mike Keleman

I’ve read a good handful of zombie books, some winners, some failures. this one ranks in the winners category and it takes an award for creative scariness.

what makes it so scary? it’s not the zombies eating people, not the typical zombie ambush attacks, it’s the zombies. the way they develop and evolve. the way that makes it a true nightmare if this scenario ever happens. and that’s what makes this storyline so engrossing. I’ve read the first book, now onto the second – the zombie chronicles: discovery.

the zombie chronicles: discovery

so far the story remains engrossing. the only flaw I’ve found with this series is bad grammar and sentence structuring.

being the english whiz, it killed me reading all these flaws throughout the story. (still hate the fact that one of the things I turned out to be great at was english grammar, fml.)  anyway, by the end of the first book I was so annoyed with the errors that I had to write the author and volunteer my editing skills.  (of course, don’t judge my english skills based on how I speak or what I write – I’m just lazy and good at criticizing other people’s work lol)

I really didn’t think that Mark would write back but sure enough he did. so now I will be going through his books and making corrections. I refuse to see a gem of a story be tainted with such mistakes.

Mark seems like a really great guy and is obviously very talented.  now that the holidays are over, I think I’ll probably be able to get some editing done.  I look forward to making the improvements, the story will definitely shine after some grammar fixes.

haven’t had a chance to read anything else he’s written so far, but if it’s as good as this series is so far – bet on it that I’ll be reading it.

Mark Clodi

Mark Clodi

find his website here: http://www.ctales.com

follow him on twitter: zombieman


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