lesson learned. put your name ON EVERYTHING!!!

Baby Deela

Baby Deela, the super cute baby min pin… Photo by Norma Burton

over the weekend i found out that a picture i took back in February 2008 was floating around on Facebook.  i took a look and found that the folks over at One Voice for Animal Rights had my picture posted.  what floored me is how many people have actually viewed it! there’s been over 12,000 shares as of the writing of this post.

here’s the picture they have posted:

before i go on about what happened, i wanted to give a little background about the image itself. here’s the story on the baby pup…

for a little while, i worked with the local Pet Assistance League (PAL) and sometimes i would come with my camera to visit. one evening back in 2008, my friend brought in a baby min-pin. i was amazed at how tiny she was. i asked that she hold the little one in her hand to really give perspective on size, hence resulting in said picture.

the baby min-pin was named Deela. she was only 2 weeks old and obviously the runt of the litter. if i recall correctly, the mommy dog quit paying attention to her so my friend took over. unfortunately Deela passed away a few days after that picture was taken.

PAL’s actually had t-shirts made with the photo to remember her by and to use for fundraising. buy one of the shirts here!

back to the dilema about my photo floating around the interwebs… i contacted the page owner and asked if they would give me credit in the caption being that it was my image.  they were very prompt with responding and seemed very genuine about giving me credit if i could prove it was mine. of course its kinda hard to prove you’re the original photographer in modern day.

so i went digging through a stock pile of images that i’ve piled up over the years.  what made it worse was that i couldn’t even remember what YEAR it was that i took these pictures.  after 3 days of hunting, i’ve finally located the images and can now prove i’m the owner of the images. 🙂

this morning i found out from another good friend that they’ve seen the picture over on the PetFlow page. of course i’m not upset with folks posting my picture, but it would be nice to get credit for it.  i had no idea how viral this image became and how many people have actually viewed it. my sister in law told me that she had seen this image many times and never knew I was the one who took it!

i’m still waiting to hear back from them, but i don’t mind that the image is posted.  it’s not like they’re using it to make money, its about spreading the message about how animal cruelty is just downright wrong and horrible.  i’m the first person to admit what a sucker i can be for a small fuzzy and innocent animal, so seeing that my image was being used to spread such a wonderful message – well, wow.

at this point, with over 12,000 shares – who knows where this image has been posted?  i’ll just have to deal with my photo spreading like wildfire and probably never getting credit for it.  so folks, whats the lesson here? if you want credit for your images – you better paste your name ALL OVER YOUR WORK and ALWAYS be nice to the animals!

p.s. if you see my photo or plan to post it, could i bother you to give me some credit for taking it??? THANKS!!!


3 thoughts on “lesson learned. put your name ON EVERYTHING!!!

  1. I know I sound like a broken record, but Lightroom helps solve the “where the heck is that photo file” problem. I have had a few photos “shared” from my facebook page. Which is odd, since I dont share any posts to the public. So, when my friend posts one of my photos, I hold my breath waiting for the photo credit. So far, just one instance of not receiving it. Now I watermark everything that’s posted anywhere online.

    • Dave,

      you are absolutely correct – watermarking is crucial these days. funny thing though – i actually got a reply back from One Voice for Animal Rights today. they granted me credit to the image! when i get some money, i might just have to invest into Lightroom. you along with tons of other folks praise it for its amazing ability to sort and organize images.

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