zombie gras 2012! the follow up

ended up going to the Second Annual Zombie Gras 2012 and was glad i went.  my girl told me about it and we decided that it was absolutely necessary to make an appearance.

so you might be asking, what is Zombie Gras?  well, think Mardi Gras – but with zombies instead.  yes, intoxicated zombies staggering around in a drunken stupor.  can we say awesome concept??

the event started at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD right outside of Camden Yards.  (btw, this is a super bad-ass museum.  next time you’re in baltimore, go check it out if you get the time.  if you enjoy comics, vintage cartoons, or just enjoy reminiscing over old fun times – this is the place to go.  i had no idea this place even existed till this past Saturday!)

here’s some footage to give you a better idea of what’s in this museum of awesome!

besides every childhood character i grew up with, the museum had vendors, make-up artists, and zombies scattered throughout the facility.  would have loved to looked around a little more in depth, but the bar crawl started at 1:00 pm.

about a block and half away, we mosied over to Camden St. to Pickles Pub to begin the bar crawl and scavenger hunt.  while we were there, we got to witness a handful of the contest and prizes issued for best couple, best costume, best kid costume and some other zombie stuff. 

in all honesty, i was surprised at the turnout.  the last non-halloween zombie event (zombi race) i went to didn’t really bring in that many folks in costume.  i was prolly one of 8 or so people that actually dressed up for that event.  so coming to this and seeing the turnout was pretty awesome.

taking into consideration that we had an hour drive home, getting sloshed wasn’t really practical for us.  but we did get to meet some cool folks along the way and did see a ton of folks photographing the event.  i took a few photos, but i’ve been too lazy to dump them on the computer.

so if you’re looking for pics, you might find yourself on the few photos posted on the Baltimore Sun, check the photo gallery and see images #6-10. 

Credit: Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun. Artist Matt Miurhead of Hampden paints the face of Kori Rabida of Baltimore during the second annual Zombie Gras.

if you don’t find yourself there, you might find a shot of yourself on Patty Boh’s set on Flickr.  be sure to go and check out the other pictures Patty Boh was so kind to share here. 🙂

Zombie Gras 2 by Patty Boh!

 if you have any other pics from the event, please share them with me!  i’d LOVE to see them!


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