retro ice bags and killer migraines

so back in december i finally made my way into a Container Store.  dear goodness, that place is the DEVIL.  i wanted everything!  thankfully i got out of there without breaking the wallet too badly.  (that’s just a whole other story btw.)

so while i was in there, i spotted the CUTEST mini retro ice bag ever.  made by Gal-Pal, this ice bag had DUCKS all over it!  they wanted $12.99 for it.  i was sure i could find it cheaper online so i skipped buying it.  after searching for it, i was unable to find it for less than what the Container Store was offering it at.

a month ago, i went back and picked it up.  actually, buying from the Container Store saved me in shipping costs.  at the time it felt like an impulse buy, but now i’m SO glad i bought it.  i’ve been a headache/migraine sufferer since 1998 and i just started another round of head pain.

pills don’t fix everything – at least from what i found.  mine actually have triggered rebounds.  so I’ve come to rely on heat.  this thing is a great thing to have on hand when you have a headache/migraine.  i just fill it with warm/hot water, close it up, go hide in a dark room, and rest it on the back of my neck.  it doesn’t make the migraines go away, but it certainly helps distract from some of the pain.

my final verdict?  it was a great purchase and i don’t regret buying it a bit!  

its also great for kids and adult “boo-boos”!



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