the fight over the toilet roll holder

so me and the man have been making some updates to our bathroom. we’re both pretty picky when it comes to clean design. ifound one set of bathroom accessories (hooks, towel holder, etc) that we both agreed on that would be clean enough to fit our style.

there’s just one debate.

the toilet paper holder.

there’s several style of toilet paper holders these days.  the two styles up for debate are these:

hanging style

regular style


first – neither of these pictures are mine, nor do i claim credit for them.

second – neither of these are the ones we’re looking at, they’re just a picture i’m using to illustrate my definition of the hanging style and regular style.

honestly, i could give a damn what holds my toilet paper so long as it’s readily available when i need it.  so whatever style it is – hanging or regular, i don’t care.  but the man insists that the roll holder has to be a regular style roll holder.

why?  because it creates too much “drag”.  DRAG?  WTF?  a fraction of a millisecond of how fast the damn toilet paper comes off the damn roll makes THAT big of a difference???

so because of this debate, the toilet paper remains sitting on the back of the toilet until we both find a style we like but accomodates his “REGULAR” style roll holder.

so why am i telling you all of this?  because i want to see what the general opinion is on the matter.

SO – do you have a preference over which style toilet paper holder you use?


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