iphone camera toys

i love my iphone camera.  it takes some really neato pics and with the apps i get to process many of the images just about any way i want.  but some folks want more.  more distance or more closer images.
here’s one solution to getting more reach >

hard core need for reach via cow.mooh.org

cow.mooh.org gives you these instructions so you can put together your own Phone-O-Scope for less than US$10!

but my focus today is for those of us that want CLOSER pics and is stuck with a 3G iphone. we know the 3G phones and prior doesn’t exactly focus all that well on anything 10 inches or closer.

so i went to look and see what options i had.  i could make my own, but that involves work and i’ll be the first to admit – i’m lazy.  but i looked anyway.

t-skware shows us how to make the iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod

t-skware from Instructables shows how they made their iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod using regular household items.  as cool as this is, i can’t do it.  my problem is that it just looked like way too much work and i don’t really have the time.

magnetic macro lens via rightbrainresource.com

i came across rightbrainresource.com who mentioned USBFever was selling this little magnetic macro lens which seems pretty snazzy… except i wasn’t too impressed with what photos they had taken with it.  plus its another small thing that i’d have to track and make sure i don’t lose.  not  very practical, even with the keychain holder.

clarifi via thinkgeek


finally i found the clarifi via ThinkGeek.  it fit the bill.

no external parts to lose, no work on my behalf,  it’s always with me as long as i have my phone, and based on the results of it’s photos – i was sold.  i ordered it.

after my purchase of the clarifi, i find that it works pretty descently.  by no means does it produce super high quality macros – but it does let me get pretty close to objects before it gets too fuzzy.  (this is helpful for quick snapshots with recipes and grocery shopping btw)

my only complaint is that it does get kinda dirty pretty easily.  a q-tip cleans it right up so you can get right back to shooting.

here’s some sample images i took with it.

without clarifi
with clarifi
with clarifi



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