more nifty camera gadgets

Photojojo is one of my favoritist photo places on the web for creative ideas and photographer knick-knacks. 

last week  i got an email about what cool little gadgets they’ll be adding to their inventory this week… and i must say – there’s a few cool things they’ve added. 

lets start with the usb camera drive (4gb).  for $20 it’s a cool little gadget to own.  i just ordered mine and can’t wait to see it! 

photojojo camera USB drive is AWESOME!

 the next neato item we check out is the RECYCLABLE underwater camerawhen i say recyclable – i mean you can just insert a new roll of 35mm into this gadget, go to town shooting in the pool, while skiing, snorkeling, white water rafting and when you’re all done with that roll – you pop it out and put in a new roll!  Waa laa.  at $15 this is a bargain.

photojojo's underwater cam

photojojo's underwater cam

 lastly i’ll explore photojojo’s super cool camera lens cup.  now of course you’d have to be a Canon fan to really appreciate this cup.  pick this mug up for $24.

Canon camera cup

don’t worry Nikon fans, i’ve found a Nikon camera lens mug for us too.  (it’s just not through Photojojo…) you can grab this for $23.00

100milligrams has the Nikon Mug


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