Dillon’s Thank You Letter

as some of you know, i’ve decided to dedicate a page to my blog to document the fantastic stories of a quick witted and almost too smart for his own good, little boy named Dillon.

we’ll start from last friday, 9/3 with a letter he wrote for another colleague. the letter was written as a thank you for a book that another colleague bought them. the book was a general survival guide. Dillon was instructed to write a thank you letter and draw a picture of his favorite part of the book.

here’s the letter >

Dillon's Thank You Letter

 now some of you might have issues seeing the details of the drawing – so i enlarged it and cropped it out. 

Dillon's Drawing

now some of you might be thinking WTF. what survival guide shows how to kill someone?   Dillon was asked where in this survival guide it showed people choking and killing people.   so he opens the book, leafs over to the page that shows the heimlich maneuver.  ❤ it.


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