zombies, zombies, zombies

lets admit it – the zombie phenomenon has gone huge and beyond popular.  

the days of slow moving zombies have been replaced with the scary quick and running dead.  there’s huge disputes of how zombie speed should be interpreted, you have folks on both sides of the fence.  i personally don’t discount the idea of a quick paced running brain eater.  rigamortis only lasts for so long before the body goes limp again – so why wouldn’t they be able to sprint after a few hours?  

scary side of zombies

but lets look into how this scenario will most likely happen.  a burger infected with a strain of mad cow disease that mutated into the zombie infection could happen, but The Oatmeal also has a pretty good idea of how it could happen:  


how it all starts > courtesy of The Oatmeal

the living dead has such a huge fan base now that we can find damn near anything related to zombies.  toys, shirts, even food…

lego figurines >   

Zombie - Collectible Minifigure Series 1

t-shirts (in fact i bought this one specifically from braineatingtees.com and its awesome) >  

no rest for the wicked t-shirt

 even zombie jerky… >  

zombie jerky!

a google search on zombie survival kits brings up a ton of crap – some actually being worthwhile to look over, but mostly junk novelties.  here’s one kit found at gizmodo>

a few bullets too short, but better than being empty handed

one novelty i found that was pretty snazzy was by mathmatiks on etsy – the Zombie Survival Single Gasmask Pendant>  

mathmatiks gasmask from etsy

zombies have become so incorporated into our lives that we’re seeing hybrids of zombies and classics being meshed – introducing the Star Wars Death Troopers Collection courtesy of zombiesandtoys.blogspot.com > 

Death Troopers

death trooper deluxe

 something i just got for my birthday and is a must have would be the zombie survival guide>  

The Zombie Survival Guide

 lastly, as a photographer – i had to make mention of the fabulous idea of Zombie Pin Ups



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