no elvis = no wedding pics, so now who? SOTA Dzine…

anyone who knows me knows i despise photographing weddings, especially traditional weddings.

basically – if the wedding isn’t in a tropical environment, has less than 40-50 people, and an Elvis impersonator with massive pork chops – well i’m not interested in photographing your gig.

this guy (or someone who looks like him) needs to be present at your wedding if you want me to photograph your shindig

so people always ask – who do you suggest if you don’t want to shoot my wedding?

well folks, a long time ago i found a photography joint whose work really made me go WOW.  so much so that i had bookmarked them since i was that impressed.  i had noted them years ago through google notebook and then lost track of them.  trying to remember the name of a great wedding photographer here in the DC area is next to impossible so i was sure i lost them.

after logging back in to google notebook i found them!  crazy enough, i realized i found them November 11, 2003… which proves to me that their work has NOT SUFFERED and that in fact, during the past 7 years they have thrived.

i cant speak for their customer service (which i’m sure is great),  i’ve never dealt with them and don’t know them.  but i will speak on behalf of their work – which imo is just plain amazing.  their name?

SOTA Dzine.



SOTA Dzine - design



SOTA Dzine - photography

and wedding photography.  they cover it all.


SOTA Dzine - wedding photography


SOTA Dzine - wedding photography

they have 2 locations here in the states but are willing to travel worldwide.

their office here is in Fairfax, VA:

11450 Kentshire Way
Fairfax, VA 22030

SOTA Dzine has excellent work that i would proudly hang in my home.  if i were a bride again – i’d want these people photographing my gig.


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