beez and beez – daily coffee mini picture project

for the new year, me and my buddy discussed how we wanted more creative elements in our busy lives for this new year.

so we started a mini picture project that we think would force us to be a little more creative.  obviously daily life gets a little crazy at times so we decided our subject for this project would have to something we both have access to every day.

well, it was decided that coffee is a mandatory routine that we both ensure happens daily.  so our subject became our daily cup of coffee.

we’ve set no rules on what layout we shoot, only that we shoot something related to our cup of coffee of the day.  we’ve been shooting with our cell phones and cameras – so theres been no rules on that either.  (i’ve been shooting primarily with the iphone mainly because it’s convenient size) and we’ve set no rules on post-processing.  we just shoot what we like and post.  🙂

check the rest of them out here —> beez and beez are busy bees


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