snow storm = apocalypse

the one funny thing about being here in the DC metro area is witnessing sheer stupidity on a daily basis.

last weekend we had a snow storm roll in and stupidity went into full force.  with the announcement on the news and weather stations, people around here freaked out so badly that you’d think that we were expecting 20 feet of snow instead of 20 inches of it.

the storm rolled in Friday night and continued all the way through Saturday night. if you had 4WD, you can get around in the stuff.  well i do have a 4WD and we decided to take a field trip to the grocery store to get some junk food and snacks. we went to the local grocery store up the street and i must say – wow.

typically i’m very weary of photographing anything in the grocery store since i know they’re usually jerks about having a camera in the store and you taking pictures of their layouts.  but since there were so few people in the store and no one to really stop me, i went ahead and used my iphone to take some pictures.  i had to document how ridiculous people have gotten when it came to preparing for this storm.

ONE DAY.  i understand we havent seen this much snow in almost 5 years, but do folks really panic so much they have to buy food and tp as if the world was coming to an end? and if you dont have enough toilet paper to get you by for ONE DAY – you got some serious problems.

all pics taken with the iphone

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