recycling candles on the cheap

I’ve had some favorite candles that burned uneven and ended up with tons of wax that never melted. so I’ve been wanting to recycle my favorite candles but never got around to it.

till today.

went to the thrift store and went looking for two things. a cheap glass container and somethin to melt the wax in. I found a nice glass container that came with a lid for about $1.60 and a melting container for $2.90.


a melting container at Michaels will put you down almost 15-20$. got mine for a fraction of the price. went home and gave both of them a good cleanup and got started.

all pics taken with iphone

1. a bag of your favorite candle leftovers

2. one glass container with lid = $1.60

3. one melting pot container = $2.90

4. wicks from michaels - about $3 for a 6 pack

5. toss in your favorite wax and let it melt

5. toss in your favorite wax and let it melt

6. melted down, set your wicks in place and pour

7. allow to cool fire up and let it burn. easy!

the only thing i think i would have done differently is pouring this out in thinner layers.

i poured in the whole thing into the glass, let it solidify – but the center sunk in almost 3/4″ after it hardened back up.

i would prolly pour in 1/2″ increments to avoid the sinkage in the center.

also note that it would be a good idea to put the glass you’re using for the candle mold into another container to avoid any possible cracking of the glass.  the last thing you need is hot liquid wax and broken glass spilling all over the place.

i havent had time to try multiple scents, but i’ve heard that mixing doesnt always yield the best results regardless of how good they smell individually.  i suggest doing one scent at a time.

if you do decide to mix – i would suggest stacking them in layers, but even then you might get some funky mixes as they melt down. i guess it would just depend on the fragrances.

anyways, thats my experience with recycling my favorite candles and bringing them back to life.  😀


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