ketchup restaurant = epic fail

5 reasons NOT to go to ketchup at National Harbor.

(yes, that one —->

ketchup fails

ketchup restaurant FAILS


1. reservations are a joke. we were informed over the phone

that we HAD to be there within 15 mins of reservation and all party members HAD to be present or we would lose our place. the funny thing was they still had plenty of tables available when we came in.

2. two items on the overpriced menu were out of stock (shake n bake chicken and crab cakes appetizers – critical foods imo). cmon, its sat night (8:00 PM) – anticipate volume and be prepared.

3. next issue was warm beers – cold bottles but warm beer. apparently they must have been mowing through beer and not getting them in the fridge fast enough or long enough to get chilled. but hey, we’ve all had warm beer at one point or another. i just didn’t think we’d be charged for it at some “high end restaurant”. AGAIN – anticipate volume and be prepared.

4. my friend and i ordered the lobster mac and cheese. other members of our party ordered ribs or pasta. hour later, half our table got their food. our food never came out – because they RAN OUT… and didn’t tell us (we had to ask) till 10 mins AFTER everyone elses food came out. in a nutshell – my friend and i didn’t get to eat. AGAIN – anticipate volume and be prepared!

5. manager seemed to shrug us off after bringing the issue to his attention. explained the order was put in almost an HOUR earlier but he says he ran out of the lobster mac & cheese 10 mins ago and it’s not his fault. (wow. really? i’m still trying to understand this logic. what does you running out of what i ordered an HOUR earlier have ANYTHING to do with you running out of it 10 MINS ago?) simply put – poor management and service skills.

save your money and go to taco bell – you’ll get better and friendlier service there.

ps. my empty soda glass stayed empty for over 40 mins. after pointing it out, i received another soda which tasted a little odd. on second sip i realized there was no carbonation. it was flat – AWESOME.


apparently i’m not the only one who thinks so either…




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