crunchpad for me please

imagine a GIANT IPHONE designed just to surf the web, read email, and watch youtube and hulu all in one sleek 12″ thin screen without the Apple part of it.   this seems like a real practical solution for those folks who do only that.

The CrunchPad is expected to be a light, thin device that is primarily used for browsing the Web, reading e-mail, and viewing videos from Flash-based Web sites like YouTube and Hulu. The device will have a 12-inch touch screen with an “iPhone-like” virtual keyboard, and the device will use Intel’s Atom processor.

imagine the space you can save by avoiding a computer tower?  or losing all those stupid cables that connect to the tower?

sure, you can get a laptop – but a descent laptop will still put you down $700-1000 on the cheap end.  (of course that’s my opinion of borderline quality and cheap)

but imagine picking this thing up for under $300.  yea, i was surprised.

want more background?  check the original post that got it all started.

Michael Arrington – let me know where i can sign up cause i want one!


One thought on “crunchpad for me please

  1. Как сказал один мудрый еврей – и это пройдёт…
    Всё верно – у нас это не только развлечение, но и работа, следовательно – на моря!!! 🙂

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