holy fisheye batman!

in all my days of photography, i’ve seen many humongous lenses… but never before have i seen such a mighty fisheye!

my husband found this monster on ebay

Nikon 2.8 | 6mm Fisheye-Nikkor Auto non-AI

Very rare lens 6mm Nikkor of first version non-Ai, with very clean glass incl. Caps and original case 
Lens glass is clear and free from any scratches, haze, fungus, and separation.

Condition AB, near mint, very light signs of wear, absolutely fully functional good condition

Being sold here:

arsenalPhoto Arsenal Boris Jamchtchik
Pillenreutherstr. 23
90459 Nuernberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 911/ 4008081 E-Mail: ebayshop@arsenal-photo.com

want it?  Buy It Now US $35,910.00


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