the cre8tivegirl’s talent

i’m sucha slacker.  i’ve been meaning to post up some links to some peoples work i admired.

one in particular goes to a very talented gal who goes by cre8tivegirl… (check out her website, she has some awesome work posted)

a while back surfing flickr i found one of the coolest paper projects ever posted by one Yvonne Perez Emerson.  see her flickr stream here.

DAAAAHHHHHH! by rucre8tive
DAAAAHHHHHH! by rucre8tive

i’m completely fascinated by these little guys and made comment about how cool they were.  after making comment, we chatted it up and became friends on flickr. 

not only does she have a great website, neato pics on flickr, but she also has a great blog too.  some really nifty stuff on that blog, i’m always interested in seeing what talents she finds and posts.  🙂


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