GigaPan Epic – evolution of the panorama

gigapan epic

gigapan epic

by now most folks have seen David Bergman’s Inauguration image taken with the Gigapan Epic.

well guess what?  you can have one too.  make your own super cool panos using the GigaPan Epic. 

how does it work?  the GigaPan Epic creates panoramas with almost any point and shoot pocket camera.  the Epic is a small robot – you set the upper left and lower right corners of your pano.  then the Epic works out how many photos your camera will need to take and takes them for you with its robotic arm.  it then organizes these photos taken into the correct rows and columns needed for the pano.

the best part is, you don’t have to stitch them together.  it does it for you using the included GigaPan Stitcher which combines all the images into a single gigapixel panorama.  all you have to do is upload the images onto your computer and into Gigapan Stitcher.  it does the rest.

sticker price?  $379.  yep, you get the GigaPan Epic and GigaPan Stitcher in a single package.  oh, you will have to fork out a little extra for the 6 AA batteries needed.  

remember, this isn’t a camera – you have to supply that yourself.  this is an add-on toy.  see the list of compatible cameras here

full specs here.

what about you SLR folks?  no worries – the Epic 100 is on it’s way and will accomodate larger point and shoot cameras..

want to see more samples?  check out

while you’re at it, check out david bergman’s site.  he has some pretty nifty work in there.


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