fish wrangler – the free crack habit

fish wrangler

Fish Wrangler is a fun and addicting game! Your livelihood is centered on your fishing abilities. Every catch carries a special reward – from gold currency to different prizes.

this is one of the game applications that i admit keeps me logged into facebook regularly.  it’s like a crack habit but free.

it starts out kinda slow, but soon you start raking up points and cash and it becomes more fun.

you can only fish every 15 mins but depending on your island, you can compete in tournaments and get an extra 15 casts (waiting 30 seconds in between turns).

if you already know about this fabulously silly game, then lets go fish.  i’m always lookin for night fishers to join me.  i’m fishing out of blue crescent now…  🙂

the only setback i see is that you have to have a facebook account to play…


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