a visit to Kate Baker Designs

while doing my time at the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center (Studio 6) – i have the pleasure of sharing the space with other fine artists.  we have Miss Kate Baker who has her shop set up next to ours at the end of the hallway.

being that i had domo keeping me company, we decided to go visit miss Kate.  

miss Kate has a very nice studio, it’s real purty.  nice green walls and spiffy furniture – makes you real comfortable to come in and start chatting.

miss Kate was working on one of her jobs when i mozied over and got to talking.  (domo just hung out and tried to stay out of the way as she was working her craft)  she works with fine metals like gold and silver and does a great job making jewelry.  i showed her my silver ring i got as a gift a couple years ago and she said she could make it shine again…

i have to say, wow.  i hadn’t seen this ring shine like this since i first got it.  she did a SUPER job!  so now you guys know that when you come to Studio 6 at the Lorton Arts Workhouse, be sure to go down and visit Miss Kate!


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