goodbye my love…

it had been almost 10 years together.  we’d been through a lot of  blood, sweat, tears, and cussing.  

she was my baby. my love. my first ride that dynoed at 330 RWHP (back in the day).  

she’s fast and fun to drive.  when i asked for the power, she delivered.

this car gave you and your car a complex. this car made your car vibrate when i pulled up next to you.  

this car was the loud, obnoxious, throaty V8 that people could hear coming before you spotted her. she made people roll their window up or shoot you nasty looks because she was louder than their music.

never thinking that i’d sell my baby, my grape ape was sold to someone else today.  

my baby

my baby

as much as i love my 50mm lens, it’s not very practical for photographing cars.  wish i thought about that before dropping her off.  doh.

mah z28

camaro z28

needless to say, i’m extremely sad.  but i think it was time to move on.  she wasn’t being driven like she used to and i admit that i’ve kinda neglected her a lot over the past few years.  hopefully the new owner will give her the attention she deserves.




seeing her strapped up on someone else’s trailer was wierd.  i think at this point it didn’t really sink in.  not until i got home and found the empty space in my garage.  


final mark

final mark

then looking around in the dead space, it sank in.  

she’s gone.


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