a poll – which version looks better?

a pier for me - color 


a pier for me - color



a pier for me - b & w

a pier for me - b & w



in need of opinions since i cant decide, so i decided to ask you cool kids for some opinions…


2 thoughts on “a poll – which version looks better?

  1. I think the colours in the first photo are incredible. The depth of the sky really can’t be seen in the b&w photo – the blues and whites pop, great contrast to the greens and brown of the surf, sand and pier. Great perspective. I like how it looks like the sky goes on forever.

  2. i like them both. however, you asked for which one looks better so heres mah 2 cents.

    the color one is nice, but i think the main focus, or where my eye is drawn is to the sky. i’m thinking the main focus should be on the pier right? well my kooky eyes go to the sky…?

    the b&w does this optical illusion type thing. i think the sky is more of the background in this photo, the 2nd subject. the pier in the b&w really stands out. it forces my eye to follow it to the end.

    just my opinion. i saw the winner from the poll was the color photo, i’d choose the b&w =)

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