we have a winner. my art sold – yesssss!

i’ve talked about my art gallery experience over the past 6 months or so and now that it’s open, i figured i can finally talk about it.

formerly a prison shut down, Lorton Arts Foundation created the Workhouse Arts Center. this was a huge renovation that took a couple of years to complete.  the end result – a renewed facility that accommodates the creative community.

if you come visit, expect to find a wide range of art including painting, glass work, wood work, ceramics, precious metal jewelry, wire sculpture, fiber arts, photography, mixed media, theatre, and more.

this was the facility that i struggled to get into and successfully was accepted.  in doing so, my first officious piece of art sold! hooray!

through all the jurying, the hassle of getting prints and assembling frames, and meeting guidelines and schedule – the end goal has been met.  someone thought that one of my photos was good enough to hang on their wall.    


i’m surpised, but happy nonetheless.  hopefully some of my other pieces will be thought worthwhile too. feel free to check it out – my stuff at the Workhouse.

formerly a prison, now a beautiful courtyard for the creative community

formerly a prison, now a beautiful courtyard for the creative community


come on up the right side of the courtyard down this walkway


Workhouse Photographic Society’s home (i’m in here)

just in case you couldn't see what studio number it was...


home of the WPS and other Studio 6 tenants


old art from old tenants


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