usb vacuum for the desktop

working with digital photography doesn’t always mean i’m out and about taking pictures all the time.  unfortunately, half of my time is spent in front of my keyboard and monitor at home.  sometimes i get stuck in front of the puter for a few hours… snacking, or doing something messy that’s adding to the fire hazard i call my desk…

well now you can just vacuum it all up without leaving your chair!  urbanoutfitters has these neato vacuum cleaners online.  like desktop gadgets?  then this is one to add to the collection.


This thing really sucks! Right? Get it? Cause it’s a vacuum! Anyway, this little guy is perfect for keeping your desktop crumb-free, and it’s all dressed up in great vintage style, too. Just connect the lengthy cord to any USB port and get some Spring-cleaning done already! Imported. Wipe clean.
* Mac and PC compatible
* 3″w, 8″h, 3.5″d
* Plastic


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