bags gone green – solar powered bags

how many times have you looked and saw that your ipod is about to take a dump on you cause you’re on the last bit of juice?  what about noticing that your cell phone is on its last bar cause you forgot to plug it in? maybe you lost that “kodak moment” cause the camera ran out of power?

well fear no more – introducing the solar powered back pack and messenger bag found at uncommongoods



This remarkable bag not only stores your stuff, it also recharges your electronic devices – using solar power! Great as a small daypack and laptop bag, this creation harnesses the energy of the sun to power your iPod, cell phone, PDA, digital camera and more. Including a 2,200mAh Li-Ion battery to store power, the bag can also hook up to an included travel charger and car charger when you’re out of the sun. When you are in the sun, the solar panels are tough, lightweight and waterproof and they generate up to four watts of power. The bag can be worn as a backpack or sling bag and features an intricate design that features a mesh backing for air flow and wire channels for headphones, hands-frees and more. Fully padded to protect a laptop, it fits up to a 15″ screen and also has loops to attach to other backpacks and rucksacks. Picked by Shiny as the 2005 Green Gadget of the Year. Made in China.



Whether you’re toting an iPod, a cell phone, a PDA or a digital camera, running out of batteries will render your device pretty much worthless until you can find an outlet. When you have this bag, though, you can recharge in a flash without even going near a building. Just walk out in the sun – and the solar panels on the bag will send power straight to your device. Great for travel, hiking or wherever you don’t want to run out of batteries, the bag has a battery to store power, and it also includes adapters and chargers so you can also store up when you’re out of the sun using an AC outlet or a car charger. The panels generate four watts of power for faster charge times. They’re lightweight, tough and waterproof. And they even protect the contents inside your bag! Picked by Shiny as the 2005 Green Gadget of the Year. Made in China.


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