one subject? thats dumb imo.

over the years as i’ve gotten into the photography thing, i’ve been told by numerous people to single out one section of photography and focus on that subject alone.

the problem that i seem to have is that i’m fascinated by all scopes of photography and i’m interested in trying everything. if i focused specifically on modeling, then i would have never made time to learn macro photography.

i love macro work. it’s challenging and can prove difficult. but when you get it just right – you get the rewarding satisfaction of a photo you can be proud of. i think that’s what i love most about photography. trying to get that perfect image – even if it has flaws. i don’t really care about what it is i’m photographing. whether its food, a model, candids, skateboarding, cars, a flower, or my cat – getting a great photo in any situation is the challenge i enjoy. the diversity of different environments. available lighting conditions, accommodating to the current environment.

i think it would be silly to be GREAT at taking photos of a single subject/category only but have no skills in other aspects. the diversity is what improves us overall – at least i think so. each scenario provides another experience for us to learn from.

i’m a fan of natural lighting, i’ll be the first to admit that my studio lighting skills suck. but i purchased lights and i’m forcing myself to learn to use them. that way i’m not restricting my experience to just available light. everything has its place and uses. it seems a waste to not try to learn all the aspects of it.

i guess what i’m trying to sum up is i think focusing on a single theme is too limiting. why set a limit when everything at one point or another ties together? different situations call for different settings and inevitably lead to gaining more experience. the more experience you gain, the better understanding you have and can implement in the future.


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