if i owned the metro silver diner…

i would revamp all of the other diners in the chain to look like it’s newest restaurant in the city of fairfax. what’s the Metro Silver Diner? i’d leave a link, but it’s so new i can’t find it on their website. is the Metro Silver Diner the same as the other Silver Diner’s? yes and no. it’s a sister chain with a modern look and flow.

i’ve been watching the development of all the new businesses coming up in the city of fairfax because i drive through it everyday. i saw the sign go up for the Metro Diner. decided that once it opened, a field trip was in order.

*all pics taken with my super duper awesome camera phone*

so weeks go by and now the Metro Silver Diner is open for business. i stop there for lunch tuesday, the grand opening. i walk in and see that there’s still the same key elements that make the diner, well – the diner. you still have the boomerangs patterns, old timey images on the wall, leather seats and booths, and of course – silver decor.

*all pics taken with my super duper awesome camera phone*

i’m instantly greeted by 2 hosts that ask if i’m dining in or carrying out. after i tell them i’m sticking around, i’m pointed in the direction of the line. as a former diner rat, i’m familiar with a handful of things on the menu.

the menu’s are now on lcd monitors. one big one on the right when you walk in, and 2 or 3 more at the cash registers to look at when placing your orders. one thing i don’t like is that i would have to lose my place in line if i wanted to look at the menu on the wall. otherwise i have to decide what i want when i get to the other menu at the register.


*all pics taken with my super duper awesome camera phone*

i placed my order and received an ORDER KEY. the order key is in the shape of a flat black lollipop. the cashier explained that i take this order key and insert it into the black device on the table i choose to sit at. i wait to see it light up green, then i can take it out and reseat it in its side slits. then someone will know where to bring my food.


*all pics taken with my super duper awesome camera phone*


i havent decided whether or not the system seems to work well. i saw staff walking around almost aimlessly looking to drop off food. twice i had staff bring me food that wasn’t mine. i don’t know if it’s because its a new staff and they haven’t memorized the table numbering or if your seat location isn’t incorporated into the order key thingie. i also observed that the order key table mounted device might make it feel a little crowded on the smaller tables.

after deciding where to sit, you can walk over to the drink bar and get your own drinks. this is nice since i don’t have to wait for the waiter/waitress to notice my drink is empty. you get your utensils, napkins, drinks and whatnot at this end bar.


*all pics taken with my super duper awesome camera phone*

i ordered the crabcake burgers and a black and white shake. the shake came out first. i was a little disappointed that the shake wasn’t as thick as i like. in the past, the diner has always given me super thick shakes. i would consider this more like a malt texture. not saying it was bad, it was good – just not the texture i’m used to. i’ll try another shake the next time i go.

*all pics taken with my super duper awesome camera phone*

while waiting for the rest of my meal, i wanted to read the paper. i walked towards the door and a young gal that worked there informed me that there was no paper stands. dammit. had to surf the web on the phone to kill time. maybe they’ll think to contact the washington post or someone to set up stands nearby.

the crabcake burgers arrive and looked mighty tasty. they were served with lettuce, tomatoes, and the option of kettle cooked chips or veggie chips. i opted for the kettle cooked chips. the dish was served on a ultra modern black rectangle plate – not typical of the diner i often visited. the crabcake burgers were good, the chips, not so good. the larger kettle cooked chips could have stayed in the kettle a little longer imo. they also seemed to lack some flavor, but who knows – maybe they’re suppose to taste that way.

the staff was pretty pleasant; the cashier was nice, one of the cooks waved to me, and a server/food taker outter guy asked if i needed anything and smiled alot.

overall, the experience of the metro by silver diner was a good one. it reminded me of when silver diner’s food still tasted good and when the servers were pleasant. i frequented the silver diner for over 10 years and slowly saw it’s decline. weekends that had once been slammed with 30-45 min waits for a seat became deserted and quick to sit. it made me sad to see it happen.

the old diners have comment cards they leave on the tables. last time i checked, it starts out with, “if i owned the silver diner…” well if metro becomes successful as i suspect it will be, i’d seriously consider upgrading many of the diners to metro status and accommodate the current crowds.

long story short, i give it two thumbs up. i’ll go back as long as the food quality and friendliness of the staff keeps up. and if they get my milkshake right…


4 thoughts on “if i owned the metro silver diner…

  1. I would just like to say thank you for your blog about Metro I work there and I can say for allot of things since we are soo new and the staff has only been working there a week before we opened we are still working out little things here and there in the beginning the kettle chips were not cooked all the way since then they have gotten better at that. Also I will personally try to make your shake thicker next time you come in some of us are still getting used to working these things and have not done it all that much we should get it all down very soon.
    Thank you again and hope to see you back soon.

  2. hi Katy!

    i stopped by last week and again i got some good food. i wasn’t trying to blast you guys, everything new has its initial quirks. i’m just glad that you guys are open and ready for business. don’t worry, i’ll definately be stopping by again. thanks for visiting and commenting!


  3. As you may know we recently opened our new Annapolis location and updated our menu we find that people who are diner frequenters seemed confused at Metro because we are not a diner. We are more like a diner cafe. Any thought on this I’d love to hear your comments.

    As far as the Classic silver diner we have updated uniforms, menu and music, you should check it out we believe this revamp is the sort of thing you are talking about.


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