why i love amy.

she didn’t get knocked up, lost her kids, and shave her head.

she didn’t have a porn tape that got out on the internet and claimed to have a career based off it.

she didn’t sleep with fred durst.

amy winehouse

instead she has a big hair beehive. she wears crazy eyeliner. she does drugs and smokes cigarettes. she went to rehab and wrote a song about it.

she’s amy winehouse. the true bad girl. and she’s about as real as it gets. 24 years old and already on the brink of self destruction. she smokes cigarettes and crack. she has/had drinking issues.

she has 13 tattoos. the tattoos have a 50s/60s theme. she has pin-up girls with big boobies tattooed on her arm. one of the pinups names is Cynthia, who is suppose to be her grandmother.

she’s not afraid to throw a punch or headbutt someone…

Amy Winehouse Arrested

A 38-year-old man filed a report stating he was “headbutted” by Winehouse after trying to hail her a cab at 3:20 a.m. on April 23. According to a detailed account in the British paper The Sun, she also allegedly punched another man in the face and smoked drugs on the street.

per people

Amy Winehouse’s explosive performance at Glastonbury

Amy Winehouse

While wrapping up her hour-long set with the hit “Rehab,” Winehouse climbed off the Pyramid stage, got closer to the crowd and mingled with some fans. At one point, the singer appears to elbow, and then punch, an unidentified concertgoer, after which security personnel who were following the singer ushered Winehouse away.

The troubled singer’s representative told Sky News that a woman had grabbed her hair and Winehouse was trying to push her away.

per haaretz.com

Amy Winehouse punches a guy again

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is at it again, this time punching a guy three times in the face. The shocked recipient of the punches, drinker Wayne Lindsay, 29, said that Winehouse turned round and punched him three times in the face as he stood behind her. “It really stung. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t said anything to her or touched her,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

per oneindia

yes, the woman is a trainwreck – but a successful trainwreck. i think its safe to say that her broadcasted lifestyle events have added to record sales. and regardless of her messy lifestyle, this woman can sing. she does so brilliantly. c’mon, the woman won 5 grammy’s… a feat matched only by Whitney Houston. love her or hate her, she’s here to stay.


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