the photobomber.

so i haven’t written in a while. i’ve been busy… moving and stuff. but i wanted to make note about the photobomber before i forget. photobomber? whats that?

well everyone has at least one image in their stockpile that was ‘ruined’ because some stranger in the background did something dumb as shit when the camera went off. the phenomenon has a name – photobombing. and more often than not, the end results are funny as hell.

here’s a few examples to illustrate photobombers at work.

a more detailed description from Asylum:

Photobombers –Ruining Your Pictures, One Click at a Time

Photobombers — the (often intoxicated) work of a dude who sneaks his way stealthily into your photographs, completely marring what would have been another awesome picture of you and your friends holding up your beers and smiling.

Although often photographed, his kind remains a mystery. Who is this random man? Where did he come from, and what are his motivations? One golden moment of genius and then, in a flash, he’s gone.

most images posted on the interwebs have been credited to the facebook collections.

see more here:

hooray for the photobomber. you folks make me laugh.


One thought on “the photobomber.

  1. Hip hip hooray for photobombers! Without them boring photos of random nobodies are good photos of wackjobs! Thanks for sharing these. I love a good laugh.

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