more domo-kun

i’ve been seeing that there’s been some activity with my domo post. i have no idea where it’s coming from… but since there seems to be folks looking for him, i decided to post some more about our favorite little brown monster…

want to know what it’s like being domo? play the mildly entertaining domo-kun angry smashfest! (watch out for all the popups… firefox blocks them out)

Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!

Play this Game!

maybe you got a partay coming up. well tell your friends to make you a domo-kun cake. instructables has a tutorial on how to bake your very own domo cake.

and the neatest thing that i came across is from cut out + keep. Danyell put together a neat little tutorial on how to create your very own felt made domo-kun.  how cool is that?

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