denver for a couple days

was out in downtown denver last week for work. since its a first time visit, of course i had to bring my camera. didnt have much time to take pics but managed to take some. my first impression of denver was surprise.

its beautiful. you can see the Rockies almost any which way you go.

it reminded me a little of baltimore – but clean. no litter. old buildings mixed in with new.

the air is dry, elevation is high. i started having minor nose bleeds towards day 3.

everyone has a scooter. it made my want of one even worse seeing them all over the place.

starbucks is EVERYWHERE. if theres a dominating commercial company in denver, it has to be them.

if you’re downtown, just about everything is within walking range. its nice.

the main attraction seems to be the 16th St mall. restaurants and shops dominate this strip. you have free buses going up and down the street picking folks up and dropping them off. theres tons of seating, concrete fixtures where you can play chess, and lots of trash cans – the key that keeps this city clean imo.

there’s a lot of artwork once you start looking around. you can tell denver is a city that has respect for the arts and music.

the view from my hotel room. it was purty.

i was shocked to see how many folks were out there pan handling. i’d say the volume of beggars and homeless may be equivalent to the DC area. this fella was a common example of folks begging for money.

as most locations, denver fluctuates in its ritzy area and its not so ritzy areas. driving around, you can tell in some areas, poverty is common sight.

this is one of denvers attempts to stop the panhandling. you take the money you were willing to donate/give away and stick that change into this meter.

World Trade Center found off 16th St.

outside the convention center there’s this massive blue bear peering inside. for scale purposes, i say i reached the ankle/shin area on mr. bear

so what do i think of denver? i think its a beautiful place to visit. would i want to live there? probably not. besides the novelty of downtown and the view of the Rockies, its a little spread out for me. the outdoor enthusiast would prolly benefit most. the skier, the snowboarder, the hiker, etc… will i be going back? sure, why not. like i said, its a nice place to visit.


2 thoughts on “denver for a couple days

  1. These are great pictures! It’s funny how some things change and some say the same. I grew up in Denver and lived there for 25 years – moved in 2000. Starbucks was rare (I honestly don’t remember them at all really). There were bums, but not as many as you’re describing. It never made sense to me for them to migrate to Denver. Especially considering the winters. 16th St. was always popular, though i imagine it is much more so now. The city is pretty spread out but when I was there it felt like such a small town. I haven’t been back in a long time. I know it has changed a lot. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Thanks Broken Forum for stopping by and visiting. I’m glad I was able to revive some old memories for you. šŸ™‚ Denver has definitely grown since your description of it.

    As far as the beggars go, I wondered the exact same thing you did when figuring out why they went to Denver due to it’s cold winters. I’d imagine south would be more ideal. *shrug*

    Well thanks again for stopping by to comment. šŸ™‚

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