photo jewelry projects and ideas

i got to thinkin about the old photo in a locket for mothers day.  so i decided to research what options are out there in todays modern society.  i found 3 sites that incorporates photos in with jewelry.

we’ll start with

they offer some pretty nifty stuff like making your own keychains, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, charms, etc..

they have circle photo bracelets, or maybe some other mothers day jewelry ideas here  –>

 diy photo jewelry diy photo bracelet

diy photo bracelet


the next site I found is

custom photo jewelry

here you also have the option of adorning jewelry with your favorite photos.  they offer necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, and some other goodies.

photo pendant  reversible ring  cufflinks for dad

lastly i found something on the more conservative side – you know, granny style.  or for the less modern, more traditional jewelry wearer.  i found

planet jill

i noticed that they offer higher quality materials (gold, diamonds, etc).  among the bracelets and necklaces they also carry keychains, charms, belt buckles, buttons, and other nifty items.  they also have non photo type jewelry and accessories.

photo pendants     photo ring     

regular jewelry    belt buckle





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