flickr-tube, video on flickr. yeckk.

uh huh.  flickr now introduces an option to post video among the great and not so great photographs of the world.

faq’s here.

i’m not too sure how i feel about it.  i’m a pro member and love flickr.  its a clean and simple interface that allows me to do a multitude of things easily.

do i want to see it become littered with useless and stupid videos?

before i could make a decision, i had to look into it a little more.

  • only PRO USERS get to post video – so if you were looking to post video for free, forget it.
  • videos cannot exceed 90 seconds of play – for now anyways.  no extended videos of the uncle larry’s 70th bday party, sorry.

i wondered, why would flickr do this?  after seeing the following video footage, i understood why  –>

watching the clip of ‘playing in the grass at sundown in wyoming’  inspires and shows great creativity.  i see what the flickr folks were trying to do.  if all the videos uploaded carried this attempt at creativity, i would see no problems with it. 

however – as wonderful as the previous example was, you still got donkey video clips like this that should relocate itself elsewhere. –>

if you want to post a video of yourself singing karaoke while you’re HUNGOVER – then this is something that should be stuck on youtube.  NOT on a photo sharing site.  i can see this user has some pretty snazzy photos – but the videos, well. 

the videos i see posted aren’t exactly creative and of inspiring content.  they’re dumb clips i’d rather not waste my time viewing.  sure, you could throw in my face what i always say – if you dont like it, leave.  if you dont like it, don’t watch it.  if you dont like it, don’t listen to it…

but i signed up and PAID for a PHOTO SHARING site – to view photographsnot to view people posting stupid clips of themselves singing.  go open a youtube account already.  its FREE.

what do i think?  honestly, we all know the real reason why flickr is entertaining the video options. 

money.  yahoo wants a piece of the pie.

will i use this feature?  i dunno.  maybe.  it has its creative angle and most likely wont be going away anytime soon regardless of how some flickr folks feel or think.

what do i really think?  i think you shouldn’t try fixing something that isn’t broken. 

and i think garbage videos may have found another home.


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