where am i – the ego surf


where am i? (ie. the interwebs)

looking yourself up on the net.  i saw it noted as the ‘ego surf’.

maybe. but being a photographer who puts my stuff on the web – i think i’m entitled to know who is using or posting my images without sounding arrogant.

so i searched.

although i’m not everywhere, and i haven’t found everything, i have found my stuff in locations i didn’t know about.

obviously if i didn’t want my stuff out there – i wouldnt post my work on the interwebs for the world to see. 

so i dont mind when i find blogs or sites that reference my work – as long as they CREDIT me appropriately – which most that i’ve found have.

what i do mind is these people who create bite off versions of flickr – using the flickr api to customize their websites.  if i could have it my way – i’d demand they remove me from their site.  however thats not an option – i would have to make my photos PRIVATE to keep my stuff being shown on their site.  SHENANIGAN FLAG!

anyways, ego surfing isn’t a bad thing.  it gives you an idea of how far your work has made it. 

pretty cool to see your stuff on people’s blogs over in Asia…

where to start when looking for your stuff?  start with these places and begin by searching your username with any image hosting sites you may have your stuff on.

(Ex. username: johnny12 + flickr)

  • technorati
  • google blog search
  • ice rocket
  • yahoo site explorer
  • bloglines
  • google

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