the utrecht art supplies order (pt 2.) – the redemption


so as i mentioned last week, my frame order from Utrecht arrived in bits and pieces.  i sent an email requesting a full refund for the busted frames.

later that day i recieved an email back from Utrecht:

Hello Norma, 

I wrote my supervisor the credit from for the damaged frames. The credit back will go back to the credit card you used for this order. It will show up in your next bank statement. Thanks

Customer Service Representative

Utrecht Art Supplies
6 Corporate Drive
Cranbury, NJ 08512-3616
Sales/Customer Service 1-800-223-9132 or 1-609-409-8001
8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Weekdays
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday EST

there was no name noted in the email other than what you see.  i did notice a name in the header, so that was able to give me a name to correlate with the “Customer Service Representative”.

ok, so i see they plan on refunding my money.  good. 

the following day i got a new email with a new tracking number from Utrecht.. says a package is scheduled to be delivered to my office by monday.  wtf?

so here it is, tuesday and i walk in to see a package sitting on my desk.  ( i was out of the office yesterday, otherwise i would have gotten it sooner)  this time the package isn’t banged up and beat to hell.  its damn near perfect.  i open it up and see a PERFECTLY bubble wrapped package. 

i separate miles of bubble wrap from each frame and inspected.  no flaws that i can tell.   good.  now if this was only packaged like this the first time, there wouldnt have been an issue. *sigh*

the only thing that i’m not pleased about is that i had asked for a REFUND, not an exchange… i needed those frames this past weekend, hence why i ordered them on monday.  i purchased frames elsewhere to make up for the busted ones.  now i have 2 frames that i don’t need at the moment.  not that having a couple of spares around is a bad thing, but still – its not what i asked for.  but i’ll cut some slack, they still made effort to get me the frames i ordered in one piece and promptly. 

so the final verdict?  would i shop with Utrecht again?  yesafter receiving the busted frames, i had asked that they make this situation right.  and for the most part, they did.


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