the utrecht art supplies order goes wrong

monday afternoon i placed an order with utrecht art supplies for 2 black picture frames.  i checked status on it yesterday and saw that it was scheduled to be delivered today. 

the package arrived this morning.  i was out of the office when someone had signed for it and left it on my desk.  when i got back i saw that the box had obviously been dropped on one side.   no big deal, if it was properly packaged – there should be no problems.

being impressed with the quick shipping, i opened up the box and saw how poor the packing was.  one frame was bubble wrapped and the other was not.  just a few of those big pillow type air balloon thingies.  both frames rocked back and forth easily.

<balloon thingie packaging stuff >


i pulled out the first frame (which had no protection at all) and little shards & splinters of glass fell out of the frame into the box and on the floor.  the frame’s glass was busted.  my co-workers were standing around chatting as i’m opening the box – there was a quick hush and a couple of boo’s and hiss’s in the background.

i opened up the frame that did have bubble wrapping on it, seems ok – but upon quick inspection i found a dime size scratch on the glass on the upper left side. 

so now i’m about $38 short, inconvenienced with having to go back to FedEx to return this busted package, and i still have no frames.

i am annoyed.  i’ve worked in a shipping warehouse before.  i know how to properly wrap items.  this order was poorly packaged.  i understand shit happens, but this was clearly an example of rush work.

immediately after repacking the order, i sent an email to their customer service requesting full refund and return shipping on the busted frames at their expense. 

i try to give everyone a fair chance.  so i also made it clear that i would not have an issue buying from them again if they made this situation right.  i just dont think i’ll be buying anything fragile from them anytime soon.  

anyways, i have yet to hear anything but its only been about 3 hours.  i’ll be posting the final results when i get them.


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