death of instant gratification – polaroid calls it quits

my polaroid

i declare shenanigans

if you think this sucks too, then go here to Request that Fujifilm manufacture Polaroid instant film types. otherwise we’re kinda stuck..

basically i dont think polaroid should be allowed to shut down and discontinue their instamatic toys and film – but i see why they are.

In February 2008, Polaroid announced it would cease production of all instant film; the company will shut down three factories and lay off 450 workers.[1] Sales of chemical film by all makers have dropped by at least 25% per year in this decade, and the decline is likely to accelerate. Fujifilm is now the only remaining supplier of instant film in the United States.

per wikipedia

so i went to polaroid’s site to confirm…

Due to marketplace conditions, Polaroid has discontinued almost all of its instant analog hardware products. Polaroid has also made the difficult decision to cease manufacturing of instant film products in 2008.

per polaroid

boston globe has an interesting article on what impact this has on the instamatic community.

so by next summer – i’ll be stuck with a polaroid 600 body and no film. BOOO!!! HISSS!!!

given that the film wasnt that cheap to start with – prices direct from polaroid for 600 film will put you down $77.50 for five packs. 

but the novelty of the polaroid is what makes it worth it imo. the fact that you can have a super cheesy photo developed and ready to pass around in less than 3 minutes – thats just TOO cool.

now that its been announced – just about anywhere you go, you’ll see the prices be sky high for film. you might be able to score a couple of deals on ebay – but i’d say its safe to guess that you’ll be paying a hefty price in the end.

i say enjoy them while we can, take scores of cheesy pictures and stuff them in our photo albums like our parents did. act goofy and remember its ok that all snapshots aren’t going to come out perfect. thats what makes polaroids unique! snap pics of the kids, the pets, our silly face expressions and stick them on the fridge or pass out to our friends.

because when the film runs out, all we’ll have left is the relic of a fantastic toy that brought smiles to millions…


One thought on “death of instant gratification – polaroid calls it quits

  1. Pricy Polaroid film was a drag even in pre-digital era anyway!

    There have been cases of discontinued film material in the past, only to come back to life again shortly or ages later due to popular demand or other considerations.

    One such case i can recall right now was the 127 film format, and maybe the 110 format too but not sure about the latter anyway.

    For the worth of it, digital, although suffering from problems of its own, is the most versatile format right now for both the amateur as well as the pro photographers of all kinds. One of the main advantages of digital is that snapshots don’t have to be printed (costs!) by the photographer and then given around to those who want a copy; just share the file on the internet and those who want a print will pay for it themselves.

    However, it’s a pity any of these film formats, or chemical photographic processes are going to be discontinued, especially for those who do have the love and expertise for the medium!

    Maybe, Polaroid (or other manufacturers of the instant film) will come up with some idea to combine the digital and instant film formats together in one camera so some market will be found for it? Yes, not a very bright idea; good only as a fun way of doing something that can be done cheaper and better in other ways anyway …

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