nifty t-shirts – part 2. the order and result

in an earlier post, i made mention of who had some pretty snazzy t-shirts.  i ordered one of their shirts and was pleased with the quick shipping and quality of the shirt.

shipping was usps priority mail – 2-3 days average.  i ordered it on a tuesday, it got here on friday. 

the shirt is made of a descent quality cotton material – not some cheapy generic type of cloth.  or so it seems.  i think it was by american apparel…

the only thing that disappointed me was the color of the shirt.  what i ordered showed to be a lighter gray – which made the design pop out.  what i received was a darker navy bluish color shirt – and some of the art work sorta got lost in the dark color of the shirt.  i’m hoping after a few washes that the color of the shirt will lighten up so the artwork will be more apparent.


the verdict – i’m purty satisfied with my purchase.  i’ll order from them again if i see something that makes me laugh.


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