art gallery stuff (pt 2) – the drop. prints delivered for jury.

today was part two of the art jury gig, and some more experience to share.

i had to select 4 pieces to be submitted for review. talk about butterflies in the stomach. i thought i was going to puke.

requirements was that the prints be separated by cardboard. me being a newbie at this interpreted it as – protect your stuff with cardboard. well it didnt occur to me that there are many ways to shield your stuff and do it in style.

i had to leave work early to get home and clean the glass on my choice photographs one last time. i had it in my head that i’d just build a stand up sleeve system using some free boxes i got from the usps. the boxes i had were too small, so i had to flatten them down to make sure the frames would fit. omg it was ugly. my vision of what it would look like and what i ended up with as a final product didnt match too good.

oh well. time was ticking and although the packaging was an eyesore, it did the job. no scratches or anything was going to happen to my stuff. so i toss it in the car and race over to the facility to drop off.

i get there, i grab my altered usps box masterpiece and waltz in thinkin, “yea! my stuff is super protected. i bet no one thought of this!”


i was right, no one thought of taping together 4 smooshed up usps boxes to use as protection for their work. instead folks had some pro packaging set up for their stuff.

lessee… i saw something as simple as the cardboard corners to cover and protect their frames – brilliant. i saw custom boxes built for the damn frames – where the hell do you get these?!?! i even saw plain old pieces of cardboard cutouts separating frames – duh.

needless to say, when i trotted in with my super creative boxed/protection masterpiece and saw what other folks did – i wanted to turn right back around and leave in utter embarrassment. the nice lady that’s organizing this art call out gave me a look that i’ll not forget anytime soon.

she pulled out one of the frames i used and inspected it. keep in mind these are the frames that i bought over at target. these aren’t premium frames. here’s what she had to say:

  • most galleries will not accept frames that don’t have wire mounts. (the target frame had little slidey clips mounted on the back of the board of the frame which holds it in place. she said that this was for jury, so it can slide on the frame type for now.)
  • the slidey clips aren’t secure enough for gallery display, use the long bendy kind (see ex. below)
  • frames that have hooks on the back of the frame or on the supporting board are no-no’s too
  • the best thing to have is wire mounted up high on the frame. if the wire is too low or in the middle section, then the top of the frame will lean away from the wall.

here’s some examples of what she’s talking about:

these are the securing clips that are expected to be in use. these should be plenty strong to hold your work in place.

so you can see here how the image is secured with the metal clips and has wire mounted high.


images courtesy

she was nice enough to suggest Neilsen frames which apparently are used pretty frequently in this community. she said that you could probably find some of these frames pre-made at your local craft store, but definately through a frame shop.


she also mentioned that for jury reviews – your work should be framed… (i saw someone had NOT framed their work, maybe i got a little advantage lol) after we laughed about how ghetto fabulous my transport packaging was, i wished her good day and left. so remember – frame your work for presentation, research ways to transport your work securely, and don’t do what i did lol.

on a serious note, i’ll admit i got cold feet today and almost bailed out on the idea of going any further with the jury process. weary of being criticized by strangers. worrying that my stuff isnt good enough. blah blah blah…

but ya know what? i’m glad i did. if i don’t make it into the co-op because someone doesnt think my stuff is artsy fartsy enough to hang on their walls, it doesn’t matter.

i’ll still be taking pictures. because the only person whose opinion should matter is me.


2 thoughts on “art gallery stuff (pt 2) – the drop. prints delivered for jury.

  1. I’m so proud of you … I wish I had the guts to take on a dream like you have. Keep at it girl, everytime I visit your site and get an update on your pics or your life or your mood it makes me smile …

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