get to the point. apologize already.

ok, so you and a buddy are friends for a couple years.  then things go sour over time; not calling each other, not making efforts to keep in touch, blah blah blah… and you come to realize that this person was never really a good friend in the first place cause all they did was inadvertantly use you. 

you realize that they only called to let you know they got a new car.  a new motorcycle.  a new house.  that they won publishers clearing house sweepstakes.  ok, not the last one – but you catch my drift.

but they never called to go hang out.  never ask to grab some grub or just BS over coffee.  only to let you know they got the latest and greatest thing. 

so if that buddy that you havent talked to in eons out of the blue calls you “by mistake”, goes through the efforts of calling back and leaving a message saying that they called you by mistake and say sorry about calling – is that a lame attempt at reaching out and trying to revive a friendship? 

this person’s number hasnt been programmed in your phone in say – forever.  the fact that they still had yours says something right?

maybe i’m wrong.  its’ just how it looks.  maybe they didnt delete the number for whatever reason and really did accidently dial it.  *shrug*  personally i don’t care.  i’ve always been a very open and direct type of person. 

but if it is how it looks and if you want to be friends again – just apologize for being a punk and mean it.  if it means that much to me, i’ll do it.  hell, i’ve already done exactly that.  i’ve apologized, asked for forgiveness and tried to make amends.  she choose not to – but at least i know i tried.

besides, i’ll respect a direct apology way more than any indirect attempts of “reaching out”.   man up and fucking say it.  sheesh.


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