gambling is fun.


went to borgata this past weekend. borgata is nice as hell. and definitely geared toward the younger crowd.

so i bought into a $340 tournament. had to admit – it was a bit overwhelming. the largest tournament i’ve been in might have had 25-30 tops. this place had 350+ people.

now when i say overwhelming – i dont mean i was nervous. well, ok – a little. but it was more like a kid at a circus… i was amazed with how many people come to play poker all in a single place. i thought it was awesome to see hot chicks walking around bringing me free sodas. (well not free since u have to tip $1, but cheaper than the restaurants downstairs) i was trying to figure out how much you would have to buy in for if you’re playing $600-1200…

in the end, the novelty of it all got me. i think i busted out somewhere in the 200’s, which is pretty terrible imo. i wished i coulda lasted longer but i just wasn’t catching cards. i had a couple of good hands, but was crippled against a quality player. went out on K-J hearts with maybe 8-9 blinds left. guy at the other end of the table called my all in with pocket ladies.

it flopped out with 2 hearts but i never got the last heart or anything that could bust the ladies. i have to say, it was a great experience. am i mad that i lost the money? nah. i’m mad that i didnt play better. next time i go up there i wont be donating so much.


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