a disposable society.


this is Codi.  she’s a sweet dog.

she lived with her master for 9 years.  9 YEARS.

this past saturday her owner dumped her for a new fiance’.   the new fiance’ is allergic to Codi.

um, yea…

i learned that it will be difficult to place Codi into a new and loving home because of her age and the fact that most folks want puppies.  this breaks my heart.

all i can say is i could never kick my cat/dog to the curb after having them for 9 years.  someone will have to get shots, take some pills, or something.  my cat/dog was here way before you came along…

if anyone is interested in rescuing Codi, so she can have a good home and good masters that wont easily dispose of her –  go here and let them know:

Pet Assistance League

i was asked to photograph Codi because they have a hard time capturing photos of black dogs.  i hope i did Codi justice.  she really is a pretty dog…


3 thoughts on “a disposable society.

  1. that is just wrong! poor baby! on a bight note, you took a wonderful portrait. one of my babies is black and it is difficult to get the lighting just so to see their features

  2. People! I hate it when they do that. As if the dog is some kind of toy you can throw away. They should get the same treatment.

    Now thank you for your kind comments. I missed you already on dpreview. Same for me on flickr. Lost my password and now I can’t post anymore. I liked flickr… lots of photos overthere and less whining. 😉

    You have a great blog btw. Very funny parts are a joy to read.

    About the drops. I do use a needle. A very thin one. Before that I used all kind of sharp subjects but with the needle you can do it more precise and have control of the size. Also the drop will let go more easily. It is very sticky stuff when they are very small. Below is a link where you can see the needle. It looks big but is very thin. (2,5:1)

    Good to hear from you again.

    cheers, Mark

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